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Eyas presents "EYE-2-EYE".

Spanisches Liederspiel, Op.74, Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

    Ten lieder (solos, duets and quartets) based on Spanish poems translated into German by Emanuel von Geibel.
    Links: score, text, Schumann

Four songs from the cycle Insomnia, Tom Cipullo (1960- )

    Four quartets with piano by the american composer, based on poems by Cornelius Eady, Dana Gioia, Lisel Muller and Juliet Wilson.
    Links: Cipullo

Zigeunerlieder, Op.103, Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

    Eleven lieder based on hungarian folk songs translated into German by Hugo Conrat.
    Links: score, text, Brahms

Nonsense songs, Liza Lehmann (1862-1918)

    Ten songs (solos, duets and quartets) by the English composer, based on texts from Lewis Caroll's "Alice in wonderland".
    Links: score, text, Lehmann
Duration of the show: approximately 1h15', plus an intermission between Insomnia and the Zigeunerlieder.

Our repertoire also includes:

The cycle Insomnia, Tom Cipullo (1960- )

    Four quartets, four solos and two duets with piano by the american composer.

Four songs from Chansons et madrigaux, Reynaldo Hahn (1874-1947)

    Two trios and two quartets with piano on poems by Charles d'Orléans, Agrippa d'Aubigné and Antoine Boesset.
    Links: Hahn

The cycle The princess, Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)

    Nine quartets with piano on poems by Alfred Tennyson.
    Links: Stanford

Chansons des bois d'Amaranthe, Jules Massenet (1842-1912)

    Five songs for two, three and four voices, with piano.
    Links: Massenet

Madrigal, Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)

    One song for four voices and piano.
    Links: Massenet